Online Courses: Love, Money, Health

Online Mini Courses: Love, Money, Health

Money, Health and Love — these are what I call the big 3 life areas, that many people are looking for fulfillment in.

  • These 3 starter courses, are jam packed with teachings, meditations, hypnosis and exercises for you to create breakthrough and transform any one of these areas in your life.
  • You will have lifetime access to the course
  • LIMITED TIME! 30 minute private coaching call with me personally.


If you are experiencing, hitting a financial ceiling, feeling stuck in your finances, or feel like there is never enough this course will release the financial and abundance blocks, that you may not even know you had in your life. Get very clear on what was stopping you in the past, and create a new future for yourself now.  Your current reality has no bearing on what IS in store for you – and it’s right around the corner. Bring to light, what was stopping you – and bring on the light of a life free from financial worry.

– Get to the root cause of what is blocking you

– Discover the past conditioning, that could be stopping you

– Re-programming your mind both at a conscious and unconscious level



This is perhaps my most favourite thing to teach!  Why? Because the power of love is the only thing you need to harness in this world! Love come’s in many forms – once you discover the greatest power of all SELF- love, true self-love – this when you become unstoppable.  Get your dream relationship, and heal your current relationships. What relationship are your yearning for in life? Knowing your true self, finding your true love, mending a relationship with a loved one? It all can be done. With joy, ease and love!

– Self-exploration, the power of self-awareness, self-forgiveness and self-love

– Releasing attachments to the way “ you think” should be and get a joyful surprise when things actually turn out even   better

– Attract the right people in your life, not by chase but with the power of your charisma.



Health is the wealth!  With vibrant health, then absolutely anything can be accomplished!  We all “know” how to be good in health. Or do we? End self-sabotage to your health and fitness regiment.

Gain a new found respect for your body and your spirit.  By understanding who you are at a spirit level, you will gain a huge honour and warrior-like status in keeping yourself in good health.  When change starts happening on a spirit and cellular level, it becomes very difficult to revert back to an unhealthy lifestyle.

– Learn how to achieve a balance of real living with fit living

– Making the most out of superfoods

– High vibrational eating

– High vibrational mindset.


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