all that I am, and yet, all that I am NOT.

I AM - powerful words! Chose to create what comes after...

My family immigrated from the Philippines to Canada when I was just 5 years old. My parents were from the “old school” trying to raise 4 young children in a new world.  With close ties to Chinese culture, Feng Shui has always been a part of my life, but always in the most folklore way possible!  In other words my mother was very superstitious, but as I realized after becoming a parent myself, it often stemmed as a means of discipline and fear-based control, probably how she was raised too. “We couldn’t have a bed facing a certain direction – or else!”  We had to have certain ornaments, trinkets or statues placed in specific areas of the house.

None of it made sense to me!  Nor was it aesthetically pleasing.

As an adult, I sought to discover what all this folklore and superstition was about, was there any real truth to it?  And then like millions of other people I watched the movie “The Secret”  Which opened my eyes onto the “Law of Attraction”, and the Universal laws of Energy and I soon found myself delved into the realm of self development and human potential.

I have always had a passion for the environment and how people shape the world, hence my University degree in Geography, I have always innately understood, the connection human beings have to Mother Earth.  During my time in wellness and studying nutrition, our connection to the earth comes up time and again.

Whenever I had a major issue in my life, I would find myself cleaning, purging. moving furniture around and buying plants to make me feel better and gain clarity.

After getting totally blindsided by an unfaithful boyfriend, I was traumatized and in the depths of my despair, I forced myself to practice meditation. Then after a few short weeks, manifested the man and relationship of my dreams (and still going strong today).

A few years later, I experienced another unexpected and life-changing setback with my now disabled step-daughter and discovered energy healing. Lo and behold I began living the way of wind and water, bending and flowing with all of life’s twist and turns, – living Feng Shui.

Feng Shui has been the first step, of this energetic journey for me, through its practice I am so grateful for it, through this way, I have found the love of my life and the life of my dreams. It has opened me up to other teachings, both scientific and spiritual, enriching my life and also that of my family’s. 


“You always have a Choice - but once you've awakened, you may not want to go back. in fact you'll have an ethereal longing to move forward.”

IVy MArie Lim

Certified Coach

American Board Certified – Master NLP Pracitioner, Master TimeLine Therapy. Certified Life Coach with the International Coaching Federation. 

For years, claims of the benefits of NLP have been numerous and covered everything from improved memory and focus, weight loss, overcoming limiting beliefs, and reduced anxiety. Improves every aspect of your life!

Certified Trainer

American Board Certified – Instructor of Hypnotherapy. Instructor of Krassner method, the number one method for hypnotherapy for weight loss and smoking cessation.

For years, claims of the benefits of NLP have been numerous and covered everything from improved memory and focus, weight loss, overcoming limiting beliefs, and reduced anxiety. Improves every aspect of your life!

Energy Healing

Advanced Pranic Healer, Crystal Healing, Soul Genesis™, Feng Shui Consultant. Natural Fitness Coach. Avid Meditator! 

“Know Thy Self” –Thy True Self!

The body’s Energy Centre’s have been  studied for thousands of years. Energy healing is well-rooted in the scientific principles of frequency and vibration.  It stimulates the body’s natural ability to heal, you’ll benefit  emotionally and physically and it’s accessible for everyone. Spiritual belief isn’t even necessary!


In Every Challenge Lies An Opportunity!
I'm most proud of my blended, modern family. I've been gifted with the true meaning of unconditional love, through the care of a disabled child. I took a quantum leap from being a single-mother of 1, to a mom of 4 amazing young women!

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