to the Sanctum – a Real Estate and Lifestyle Design Company.  Have your inner world meet the outer world.  Have your Inner Purpose, align with your Outer Purpose. You may have heard that humanity is now experiencing a “Shift” which was made famous because it was so clear on the Mayan Calendar..

Your Vessel

Your Vessel - You, your body, your mind, your spirit are the largest energy body that obviously is with you all the time.  The journey starts here

Your Home

You're now ready to build your nesting ground, the place for creation. The Sacred Santuary where your inner world is aligned with your outer world.

Your Universe

This is where the final piece of the puzzle lies to complete the big picture of you and the impact of your Being to others.

Course 1

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Course 2

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Course 3

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“Learning and practising Feng Shui transformed my life. I'd recommend it to anyone”

Frieda Kramer

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Ivy Marie Lim

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