What is Feng Shui?

FENG SHUI (Fung-schway) literally translated means wind and water.

These are, without a doubt, two of natures most powerful forces. Feng Shui is also symbolic of movement and energy flow. Using Feng Shui brings you in harmony with the natural environment; it works with the laws of nature, not against it. Its goal is to ensure that the the rooms you inhabit positively influence you and allow opportunities to enter your life with ease. You create your environment and your environment creates you. Feng Shui is thousands of years old, but is aligned with many other universal beliefs of how energy flows. I have a “whole-listic” approach to Feng Shui and have been instinctively using Feng Shui all my life. At the same time, I’ve been shunning old myths and superstitions that my mother often used. In trying to discover truths about these myths and superstitions, I learned about Feng Shui. During my career in real estate, I have often heard clients speak of Feng Shui principles without even knowing it. In my spiritual journey through the practice, Pranic Healing and teachings of founder Master Choa Kok Sui, I once again discovered Feng Shui. Once again, in my training as a Certified Neuro-linguistics Programming and Life Coach, I see many underlying parallels and similarities.

Feng Shui is everywhere. Cities are designed with a goal or intention in mind, but it does not always benefit the citizen. We are lucky to live in an environment where we have choices and the ability to control many things. Understanding Feng Shui can help you stay in motion, get through challenges and assist you in turning your dreams to reality.

My foundations are in Classical Feng Shui. I incorporate both metaphysical and spiritual laws, as well as Neuro-linguistic programming techniques to give you all you need to manifest and create a life and home you love.

I wholly believe that Feng Shui should be incorporated in the most functional and practical way for living in your home. Feng Shui is for everyone. No matter what your lifestyle is, extravagant or simple, you will reap many benefits by allowing Feng Shui into your home and life.

  • Form Feng Shui – How room formations affect us, uncover hidden energy blockages, the art of placement for best energy advantage.
  • Environmental Feng Shui – How to integrate your natural surroundings around your property for excellent energy.
  • Astrological Feng Shui – Also known as 8 Mansions and Flying Stars, how to be compatible and in alignment with Chinese astrology – choose the best dates to make important decisions.
  • Secret Directional Feng Shui – Find out specifically about Prosperity and Spiritual Energies.
  • Harness the optimum direction in the workplace for greater success.
  • The optimum direction for relationships and to spiritual development.
  • The energy of pictures, colors and ornaments on your walls.
  • Thought Power Feng Shui – A powerful technique to integrate the Mind and Space to quickly materialize the benefits of Feng Shui in the space you create.
  • Places exuding success and abundance – With little effort, you can learn to absorb and retain massive amounts of these prosperity energies in your aura on a regular basis.
  • Learn the directions to activate your higher chakras to facilitate meditation and healing, and the directions to activate your lower chakras for financial abundance.
  • The direction to face during a business negotiation to optimize your chances of closing the deal and achieving success