Why perform space clearing?

  • Staging
  • Full staging assistance.
  • Including moving boxes, de-clutter, and cleaning servcices
  • House Blessing
  • For your current home and situation
  • For your new home

A “blessing” is not religious, in fact it complements whatever beliefs you have (or don’t have). Find out what it is and why do it?

 Understanding the Energy Signature of your home and dispelling previous owners Energy Signature.

  • Meditation – how this helps you in making clear decisions, afterall this is the most important investment transaction in most of our lives.
  • Properity and Abundance Meditation.
  • Clarity and Peace Meditations.


  • What is it, how can will it benefit me?

And of course; 

  • Full market assessment of your home and market area.
  • Mortgage Services.
  • Comprehensive Marketing and Advertising using both online and print for the sale of your home.