Get to know Ivy

Benefits of Choosing Ivy as your Realtor:

–  Ivy has an extensive background in clientele services, she will be open and share with you all the steps in making your real estate decision

– Ivy will be upfront and share all the knowledge, information you need to make the right decision

–  she has a strong sales background;  meaning her negotiation skills are truly at a high-level expertise

– she is educated with a degree in Human Geography, City Studies with Urban Planning from the University of Toronto: meaning she can share with you insightful details on your neighborhood and city.

– Ivy and her family have roots in Construction and contracting services: as part of her service she will help with you any repairs and touch ups needed for your home.  And as the ability to provide expert eye on home concerns when buying.

When I was in the fitness business, my work hardly ever felt like a ‘job’. Besides having a great time running my bootcamps or motivating a client around an injury, I found the ultimate reward was when my clients thanked me for being a contribution, not only to their physical health, but to their overall vitality and enriched well-being.

For me, having truly happy clients are the best moments in my work.

Making the Most of Any Change or ChallengeIvy-Family-Photo

But the tides of transition came upon me with the birth of my second daughter, 16 years after my first! And at the same time welcoming my special needs step-daughter into our permanently, for me and my family it meant it was time for a change.

I am not new to challenges, in fact I thrive on them! I believe challenges are what keeps me creative, on my feet and inspired. I actually started my career in the corporate world, with some powerhouse companies, like HP and MCI, this enabled me to refine the art of skillful negotiations, all the while balancing the hectic pace of corporate sales with being a working mother. I knew though I had to be involved with more meaningful and personal work.

Coming Full Circle

My family dynamics changed almost instantly; the change triggered me to come full circle with my career and life path. Having graduated from the University of Toronto with a degree in Geography with Urban Planning, I have always kept my pulse on real estate and the changing landscape of the Greater Toronto Area.  My husband David, is also a seasoned investor and our family has been in the construction business for generations. In fact we have bought, renovated, and sold many properties for both personal and investment purposes. At one point we moved 4 times in 5 years! If anyone can help you make a smooth transition I can! I’ve been there! My real estate experience ensures that my clients will be armed all the knowledge and information they need to make the best decisions for their property.

My experience in both the corporate arena and in fitness, has given me a powerful combination of insight and expertise; that I take with me as a real estate professional today. In real estate I am dealing with the largest investment most people make in their lives, and at the same time involved in one of the most personal and emotional assets people have; their home and their family.  (Offering Free Home Services and Staging)

Expertise and Inspiration

The same philosophies I use in living an active life are applied to my professional success. Your health and your home are truly the most valuable assets in your life. I understand how important it is for your future to invest in those assets wisely.

I  also understand the value of partnership and teamwork. Achieving your desired results takes dedication and focus, my client’s success is my ultimate goal.  I will go the distance, with my enthusiasm and passion for helping others. I am a consummate professional who’s on your side. You have my commitment, that I will protect your family’s best interest, from the first consultation to closing and onwards.

Call me today and let me help make your next move a success.