The kids are back to school, the dance, music, sport lessons have been booked (hopefully you’ve also scheduled in your fitness times too!) 

This is also the second busiest season not just for home sales but also for home reno’s.

I am lucky to have much experience in home reno’s. Well it’s not always lucky as there’s always reno’s to be done in my house! My husband David, being in construction/building since in-utero, has professional advice on how to get the most out of a home improvement project.
His number one priority, is doing projects that will give us the most return on the investment, add the most value and how to do the project most economically as possible.  So yes, sometimes I can’t get the designer sink and faucet I really wanted.
The REALTOR that I am, I have to advise clients on the most economical ways to add value to your home, to get your home sold quickly and for top dollar.  My hubby, and builder David gives me much insight on the importance of also having a structurally sound home.
So in order to prioritize your home improvement projects, do so like this:
1.  Fix or repair anything that has to do with the structural integrity of your home first. The wearing down roof, the leak in the basement, any leaky faucets. (Remember drops of water can wear down a stone, water leaks or areas with potential water damage are the utmost importance). Water damage also can lead to mold and mildew problem over time.
2.  This also may translate into landscaping aspects of your home. Look for drainage issues on the outside of your home, repair grades and make sure weeping tiles direct water down and away from your house.

3.  By far bathroom and kitchen renovations add the most value to your home but is also the most costly. So be patient with this, shop around, each expense adds up, comparison shop, wait for the deals, travel if you have to and you can really cut down on costs.

4.  Flooring, is also a great way to add value to your home, again shop around.
5.  Paint, keep the colours light and neutral. Okay so the designer in you may need that splash of colour, use it as a feature wall or accent wall, avoid though dark colours for entire rooms. Painting is by far the most economically way to give your home a refreshed look.
6.  Have a contingency plan, budget and expect the unexpected. Home improvement projects are always so good in theory, but when the walls start coming down and the carpet gets ripped up, who knows what you’ll find. Be patient, it’s part of the process.
If you are a DIY or HGTV fan like me, you will see that all designers, stop work and curb the budget when it comes to dealing with structural issues, as much as the homeowners hate it, it cannot be ignored. Don’t worry though, there is always room for small, designer, finishing touches to make that home improvement project worth all the sweat and sacrifice.
For any professional advice on your current home improvement project, how to prepare your home for sale or what to watch for in buying a home, feel free to contact me.
Talk soon,

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